Deposit of resources

You can deposit resources in the CLARIN-DK platform with three different types of access rights.

  • Public: Everybody has access to see and download content data as well as metadata without logging into the CLARIN-DK platform. See the licence here
  • Academic: Everybody with access rights to the CLARIN-DK platform and having the role staff or faculty with his WAYF-identity provider is considered academic and can see and download content data and metadata. Everyone can see metadata. See the license here
  • Restricted: Only yourself have access to data. Everyone has access to metadata.

Use of resources

When you wish to see or use resources you have to approve the relevant display licence before you can see content data. The CLARIN-DK platform remembers whether you previously approved a license and will therefore only ask for your approval the first time you want to see content data with a particular licence.

  • Display license for public resources: here
  • Display license for academic resources: here