Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools is a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts and comprises more than 20 different tools for analysis and visualisation. Voyant Tools analyses the texts at word level focussing on word frequencies, tencencies and visualisation; they don't recognise the relations between words (e.g. you will not be told that 'to be' and 'is' are verbs and that they are two inflectional variants of the same lemma).

Voyant Tools have pre-installed corpora (texts by Shakespeare and Jane Austen) that can be used to become acquainted with the tools. But CLARIN-DK has adapted Voyant by making a local 'Danicised' installation and has installed some Danish corpora and Danish stop word lists (for both modern and old Danish). You can also install your own texts/corpora and make them available for analysis. If you want your data to be a permanent part of Voyant and availalbe to other users, you should contact info@clarin.dk.

Voyant Tools is developed by Stéfan Sinclair og Geoffrey Rockwell : https://voyant-tools.org/ 

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