CLARIN in Denmark

The CLARIN-DK infrastructure

From 2018, University of Copenhagen has taken over the funding of the CLARIN Centre at the University of Copenhagen. The Centre is supported and financed by the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen until the end of 2023. As long as funding is available, the CLARIN-DK centre will ensure preservation and access. In case of lack of funding from the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, an agreement on preservation and access will be made with either University of Copenhagen or with another member of CLARIN ERIC.

CLARIN-DK participates in different cooperations that contribute or have contributed to the platform we have today:

  • DIGHUMLAB is a national umbrella organization with many activities e.g. contributing to the CLARIN-DK platform by raising awareness of the platform
  • Denmark is one of the founders of the European CLARIN ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) which also means that CLARIN-DK follow recommendations, formats and standards developed on a European level - and resources in CLARIN-DK can be used in combination with resources from other European countries
  • The first release of the platform was developed in the Danish project DK-CLARIN 2008-2011

The following institutions have participated in these projects and have been part of the construction of CLARIN-DK:

  • University of Copenhagen
  • Aalborg University
  • Aarhus University
  • Southern Danish University
  • The Royal Library

CLARIN-DK has a knowledge centre DANSK with the participation of Institut for Nordiske Studier og Sprogvidenskab (NorS), KU and Sprognævnet.