CLARIN-DK Data Centre

In the CLARIN-DK data centre you can find and download corpora, lexicons, word lists, etc. You can also deposit your own language based data so that others can find and use it. This way you also make them available for search from the CLARIN ERIC search interface, VLO:

Use the CLARIN-DK data centre:

Download data

All citizens can download resources with the license public and search in the metadata for all resources - without a login to the platform. Researchers also have the possibility to log in to CLARIN-DK with user name and password and thereby get access to resources under the license type academic

You log in to the CLARIN-DK infrastructure with the log-in you use at the institution you are affiliated with. You log in using WAYF, therefore your institution must be connected to WAYF. In case of doubt there is a list of institutions connected to WAYF at the WAYF web site

Who can deposit data in CLARIN-DK?

To deposit data you must be able to log in to the CLARIN-DK data centre with the right privileges. This is the case if you are a researcher at a university in Denmark or at several other Danish institutions.

User license

You protect your data by selecting one of the many user licenses (e.g. Creative Commons) at the end of the deposit process. Read about the various user licenses here:

When you deposit your data in the CLARIN-DK data centre, you accept a deposit license that describes the extent of CLARIN-DK's responsibility for you data. Read more here:

Instruction on how deposit:

Please send an e-mail to info @ if you have any questions.