Who can get access?

All citizens can work with resources with the license public and can search in the metadata of all resources - without using a login to the platform.

Researchers and students can log into CLARIN-DK with username and password and get access to resources with the license academic. A researcher/student will use his ordinary system login which identifies him as a researcher/student at his institution. The following requirements must be satisfied:

  • You must have access to log in via WAYF. You can se a list of institutions included in WAYF at WAYFs homepage
  • CLARIN-DK must allow access for persons at your institution and with your role. Contact admin @ clarin.dk if you have questions

You can only deposit if you can log in and have the necessary rights. As a researcher at a Danish university and many other institutions you automatically have these rights. Contact admin @ clarin.dk if you have questions. Read more about deposit here.