Domains in CLARIN-DK

A subject domain can be attached to all the resources in CLARIN-DK. We suggest that the subject domain chosen when uploading the resources is related to an acknowledged classification system, e.g. DDC or DK5 which are library classification systems.

Subject domains are highly relevant when dealing with language for special purposes. The current resources in CLARIN-DK use the following domain specifications from DK5. The subjects domains are in Danish only.

  • almen naturvidenskab (DK5-50)
  • byggeri (DK5-69), Danmarks Nyere Tid
  • filosofi (DK5-10)
  • geografi (DK5-40)
  • helbred (DK5-61)
  • historie (DK5-90)
  • IT (DK5-19.61)
  • jura (DK5-34)
  • kristendom (DK5-20)
  • kommunikation (DK5-19.5)
  • landbrug (DK5-631)
  • mad (DK5-641)
  • matematik (DK5-51)
  • miljø (DK5-69.8)
  • nanoteknologi (DK5-60.2)
  • pædagogik (DK5-37.1)
  • undervisning (DK5-37.3)
  • økonomi (DK5-33)

Please note that the list is not exhaustive. You can also use, e.g.

  • 'general'
  • Dansk skønlitteratur (DK5-86)