Rapporter, præsentationer mv.

Her listes præsentationer, postere og rapporter som er produceret i CLARIN-DK eller har relation til projektet

Rapporter, præsentationer etc.


  • Costanza Navarretta: FAIR, Language Technology and CLARIN-DK. Presentation of FAIR and Data Management in CLARIN EU and CLARIN-DKK at online Theme Day on Research in a FAIR Data Perspective organized by DEIC, Friday 29 May 2020


  • Dorte Haltrup Hansen A TEI-encoding of the Danish Parliament Corpus. Presentation at ParlaFormat Workshop, Uthrecht University, CLARIN_NL 23 May - 24 May, 2019
  • Lene Offersgaard, Mitchell John Seaton, Dorte Haltrup Hansen, Bart Jongejan: Language data and language tools - the Danish node of an European Infrastructure (CLARIN-DK). Poster at DHN2019 in Copenhagen 5-8 March 2019.
  • Lene Offersgaard: How the CLARIN.DK repository is compliant with FAIR, presentation for University of Copenhagen Support Group for Datamanagement, 30-08-2019
  • Lene Offersgaard: Introduction to FAIR and how CLARIN.dk adresses FAIR (presentation and demo) at FAIRifyHumanities workshop, 11-04-2019 and 23-09-2019
  • DHN 2019 CONFERENCE 4th Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, Faculty of Humanities - University of Copenhagen, DigHumLab, and Royal Danish Library


  • Costanza Navarretta and Lene Offersgaard: FAIRify debates from the Danish parliament (Folketinget), Presentation at FAIR Conference Nov 20th 2018 at The Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet)
  • Lene Offersgaard: Introduction to Distant reading, Voyant tool and korpus search in CLARIN-DK,  at Distant Reading Workshop – Tekstvidenskab, 21-11-2018 KU

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